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Here are our Enrollment Rules which you will need to read and agree before enrolling. Please scroll down as you read this and click the "I accept and agree..." box to enroll. 

Enrollment Rules.  To become a member in the Verbol System Cooperative (or any spawned system within the Verbol System Cooperative), you must make the following promises, for yourself and, in the event you pre-enroll members as a sponsor of a new system, you take this responsibility o­n their behalf as well.  

1.  I recognize the cooperative nature of the enterprise.  I agree to cause no harm and I expressly agree to the following No Harm Statement: "I acknowledge and respect the inalienable rights of all people, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and I will not do anything or fail to do anything which would deprive anyone of such a right.  Nor will I use anything from this cooperative or contribute anything to this cooperative with an intent to harm or inflict cruelty or stress on anyone." 

2.  I will not take offense to others' content and will not give offense to others in my content, understanding that the sponsor may remove offensive content.  I will encourage use of the feedback mechanism so that members can inform each other of cooperative and non-cooperative behavior. 

3.  I will own all contributions I make to the system, including to any changes I make to content contributed b

4.   I understand that my enrollment gives me
licenses to use all system behavior as implemented in programming and scripting languages (such as C, assembler, Java, javascript, Perl, PHP, verbol scripts etc) and at the option of the sponsor and contributors licences me to use any site-specific non behavioural content such as text, image, audio, video etc which they choose to share, and that I must also grant reciprocal licenses for all my modifications, variations, upgrades or other contributions of system behaviour and at my discretion non-behavioural content. 

Specifically, unless the sponsor sets different rules, I hereby receive licenses from all other members to use and change the behavior and content o­n the verbol system. In turn, I hereby grant reciprocal licenses to other members to use and change my contributions to the verbol system, understanding that the changes made to my contributions will be owned by the party making such changes.  As content changes over time, originators are still granted full licenses to any and all derived works, both within and outside of the verbol system. Therefore, by accepting these rules and agreeing to the undertakings therein, and in consideration for my access to verbol systems and my right to change and own changes to content, I hereby grant the required licenses. 

5.  I agree to cooperate in goodwill to prepare and file patents o­n the collective works of the cooperative; and I will not enforce any patents I hold against others in the cooperative for their use of my technology as permitted by these rules. 

6.  I understand that, unless a sponsor explicitly states otherwise in supplemental rules, no sponsor nor any contributor shall have any obligation to support, maintain or update any software, documentation, or any other contribution. 

7.  I understand that all contributions are provided o­n an "AS IS" basis and that each Sponsor and member DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES for the Sponsor's and/or member's contributions, and that no Sponsor or member following these rules will be liable to another member for any damages.

8.  I understand that the Originating Sponsor reserves the right, in its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time by prominently posting such changes o­n the verbol system.  Changes are effective the day after first posting to the verbol system, and I will be deemed to have accepted any change if I continue to access and use the verbol system after that time.

9.  If any of the technology contributed by me contains third party code, including open source code, I will follow and make available all such third party license terms.  In addition to these rules and any third party license terms, my participation in the verbol system cooperative will be subject to the laws of the Isle of Man in Great Britain

 I accept and agree to the Enrollment Rules.

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