Verbol site rules

Copyright © 1996-2018 Family Systems Ltd, and each other copyright holder of contributed content whether media, textual, behavioral or other content accessible from this verbol site. Verbol is a registered trademark of Family Systems Ltd. 

(a) By continuing to view, play or contribute any content on this verbol web site, I acknowledge that the content of this verbol site is owned by its originators or their assignees and hereby licensed to me. 

(b)   I understand and acknowledge that these licenses give me only a right to view or listen to or contribute or provide feedback to the content of this verbol web site, and I will not copy or otherwise capture and take away any content unless separately licensed to do so, for example in accordance with a COOPY license for spawning verbol system behaviour from this one as and when available.

(c)   I recognize the cooperative nature of this verbol site and system and will cause no harm to other individuals or cruelty to any soul or infringe upon anyone's equality or inalienable rights among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

(d)   I accept that I will not take offense to content contributed by others to this verbol site, and will endeavour not to give offense in any content I may contribute, and I agree that the sponsor or any other authorised contributor may remove or block any site content they consider offensive.

(e) I understand this verbol voice system enables me to play and join in recorded conversations and visual content. By viewing, listening, playing or contributing such content, I agree to uphold these Verbol Site Rules and I grant the following licenses to my contributions including my recorded voice and video.


(a) Open source licences inherited for software used in operating this verbol site are honored and are continued to cover our modifications where we have made changes. (and thanks for a lot of great software!) 

(b) For other programmed behavior in this Verbol Voice System 4.7 and for all site content, this developer release is licensed under Creative Commons licenses whereby contributions of text suuch as source code of programs or scripts may be modified but audio/video media may not modified by licensees. By accessing to view, play or contribute we agree to these license terms whether or not individual files are so marked: 

(c) Text and verbol system source code and scripts are licensed:- Creative Commons License under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

(d) Media content such as audio, video, images are licensed:- Creative Commons License under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


(a) Family Systems has joined Open Invention Network and hereby confirms we will take no action to assert Family Systems patents against licencees of any Linux System and in addition, against any standards conforming webapp served from it.

(b) From time to time Family Systems may sell its patents with a license back to Family Systems. We will seek to preserve such individual rights in a license back of any sale of patents we originate. Sometimes a license back is only available without ability to grant sublicences. In that event, to enjoy the benefit of the license back, contributors of verbol system or persona behaviour that may infringe such patents are advised to share their contributions such that Family Systems may incorporate them in a verbol system it distributes, and then utilise that version in active use.

(c) For the avoidance of doubt, such individual licensees when acting on behalf of an entity such as a  corporation or other enterprise, are licensed to patents hereby for their personal use and distribution only, and the corporation or other enterprise they are working on behalf of, in order to utilise the results in its operations, may need to seek a license from the patent owner for any infringment by contacting

(d) All who access this site acknowledge that ideas may be contributed or discussed that are patentable, and specifically undertake not to use the ideas or content contributed by or on behalf of others, in filing any competing patent or preventive publication anywhere in the world.

(e) In the event that ideas are contributed or discussed on this verbol site that are patentable, all contributors therof undertake to cooperate in confidence together in the filing of such patents and that such patents shall likewise not be asserted by their owners against individual licensees in good standing of verbol system software. 

(f) Where such patentable contributions are not assigned to Family Systems Ltd or its successor by way of work for hire or other arrangement, then such contributors and any sponsors of such contributions also undertake to cooperate in fairly sharing the benefits of ownership thereof among contributors and sponsors of all contributions to such patents, and agree that such cooperation shall be managed and determined according to cooperative principles.

(g) In the event contributions are made which exhibit already patented behavior, then owners of such contributions also undetake to take no action to assert such patents against individual licencees in good standing of verbol system software distributed by Family Systems Ltd or its verbol project successor should there be one.  

(h) Family systems and any such sponsors of patented or patentable contributions undertake to cooperate in any resulting patent pool or sale with license back to Family Systems and to ensure any such arrangement continues to offer verbol sponsors, contributors and viewers a continuing free non-commercial patent license and fair commercial license terms or to share revenue from such sale according to cooperative principles.  



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