more about verbol voice

Enrolling on a verbol site provides you with a verbol personal system with a 3 digit personal topic extension
and ability to create new conversations each with a 6 digit conversation number
 and with webfolders to hold your
recorded voice and visual content.
 For the time being, please email with inquiries or enrollment requests.

By default we Join In conversations using free WebRTC calls direct through the browser to a verbol server.  
Regular telephone dial-in is also possible using a gateway service; we have set up Voicepulse for this on our 
Verbol Project site at and we can demonstrate to you there by prior arrangement.  
Each enrolee also has a SIP address consisting of login-name@site-name which enables free calls 
to the verbol server from softphones, useful on those tablets or amartphones lacking WebRTC in the browser. 

You can use a personal verbol system hosted by us here to try out verbol voice studio for yourself and then host
your own verbol site on Amazon EC2 or a server of your choice.  
We use only open source components such as
Asterisk, Apache, Openfire and SQLite 
so you are in control and can configure more options to fit your needs. 

Verbol system: Verbol voice V4.7 is now completing development at and is available as a 
pre-production developer release for early adopters with system administration capability 
to run your own verbol system (licensed as in 
 Verbol site rules)

The easiest way to get started is an Amazon EC2 image but with our assistance you are able to install 
Verbol system behaviour on any Linux/Apache/Asterisk environment on your own server or from hosting providers. 

(Until we automate, email if interested)

Family Systems is geographically diverse with everyone working from our home offices 
so our verbol project is also a case study in which we use a verbol system at
for our daily project communication and all our thinking is recorded and searchable. 

Here are example links to excerpts from our verbol project calls in which 
Mark Stubbs points into his code and:  
explains contributor objects

shows how the play parameter works,
(ie play parameter in the query string of a link such as to this excerpt itself)
(To read the tiny shared code easily we zoom in:) 

Here are some more Examples for demo


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