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Here are examples [links to be added] of how we use verbol conferencing  in our own agile software development so that our developers in their own locations and countries work as closely together as if we were in the same office.  And how we use verbol youtube to index interesting work related video.

Family Systems motto is "a better way to work and play together" and here are some examples of verbol music mode prompting playlong to music videos, like karaoke for instruments and voices andsome smartboard fun..

We are planning to launch a Verbol cooperative to market Verbol voice and expand development. 
We also wish to utilise verbol voice as the base on which to build verbol scripts and personas powering verbol assistants we can talk to:
for this we need your help, more in a verbol blog at Invitation to Cooperate.  

If you are interested in contributing I can walk you through our prototypes and plans on a call.  
To arrange this or to run your own Verbol system, please get in touch by emailing 

If you would like to spawn your own verbol site now please Enroll in this site. 

Remember all our Verbol demonstrations are at open alpha test status and everything we say is recorded on an unsecured server.   

We look forward to hearing from you, Brian.


Verbol voice lets you free your mind by:-

speaking your thoughts as you have them,
capturing them in voicechat mode or recorded conference call with others, 
show and share what we are talking about,

thus you and those in your verbol conversations are able to play any utterance at any time,
see what was shared in time with the playback, and
reply when convenient so that voice communication becomes as ubiquitous as text.  

Both browser and phone connections feed verbol topic rooms accessible in web pages or by phone and shared with others by sending links in emails or instant messages. To achieve this we have integrated the Internet and telephone networks with on-line memory based on open source web, phone and chat servers.



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