Verbol Voice - a better way of communicating

Conquer the time dimension in phone and web conversation 
so we can always speak our thoughts when we have them,
freeing our minds of clutter and stress and sharing ideas for 
work or play
whenever we choose from wherever we are, 
leading to TelephathyTM thought transfer by better telephony.

More on Verbol voice Studio, a better way of conversing.

Our unrupt TM demo undoes disruption caused by interruption;
experience pausing a call or speaking while someone else is 
without missing anything, by trying our Unrupt demo invite. 

Notes for a corporate partner on Brian Reynolds Technology 
We wish to re-implement peer to peer as in Roadmap 2018.



This screenshot shows the timeline and its navigation controls

Here is a Verbol R playlink Introducing the timeline in which James uses our Verbol Voice Studio
to introduce 
and play selected voice utterances with associated visuals when we click the link.

(You may have to wait a few seconds for our Verbol webapp to load and start playing.
Chrome provides the complete user experience and is required to Join In and speak over WebRTC.

Safari on iOS or OS works for playing, and phone-in connection is demonstrable by arrangement)

This playlink is an extract from a project scrum call with Mark explaining some of the code to Brian
in our shared smartboard which plays back visuals such as pointer movements in synch with the speech.


new freedoms from adding the time dimension to conversations

freedom to choose when and where to participate and share content  
freedom to pause a conference to take a break then catch up and not miss anything
freedom to skip what you dont need to hear and repeat what you do
freedom to join a conversation you missed, or to say what you wish you had said
freedom to speak thoughts as they arise without interrupting or being interrupted.


never have to travel in order to communicate ... ever  
never need to be available on a fixed schedule for fear of missing out 
never suffer from conflicts over who said what when
never suffer from telephone tag. 

How we do it:

To open up the time dimension we make separate recordings of each speaker and store 
the conversation structure in index points generated when anyone speaks and shared in
messages. In contrast, conference calls usually record the audio mix of all speakers.

This enables Verbol Voice to turn what would be interruptions with people speaking over
each other 
or backing down, into parallel speech where each can speak their thoughts
as they arise, 
and these are played out one after the other, so no-one's ideas are lost.
It also enables one to replay any part of the conversation at any time, experiencing it
 if you were there and replying just by speaking while listening.  Other time dimension
features enable
pausing a live conference or replaying some earlier speech, and then
speeding up playback to 
catch up with the live conference again without missing anything.
Brian Reynolds of Family Systems welcomes you to this Verbol site presently under construction 
operated by Verbol Voice System 4.7 software featuring Vv Studio webapp. Available now  
to preview our developer release of 4.7 which is licensed under free Creative Commons licences 
(as defined in our site rules) and built on open source web, phone and chat servers. 

We wish to share our Verbol Voice technology with other early adopters, each operating
their own Verbol site, to 
provide a better way of communicating for their team or family.
We also wish to partner with enterprises already established in a market sector
to introduce Verbol technology into their operations and businesses.
To this end we are making our patents available to operating companies , and we offer
unrestricted software licenses for Verbol Voice System software to complete the transfer
of technology. We expect to continue a free option for individual use, as well as provide 
corporate licensing on fair terms.
We hope the resulting Verbol community will cooperate together and add to the better ways
of communicating we are pioneering, so that the life enhancing freedoms and benefits
which result are
 available to everyone as we evolve to a full production release.
Please contact me at to participate. Thanks, Brian.


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Acknowledgement: I understand this verbol voice system enables me to play and join in recorded conversations in which I can hear, speak and share voice, video, textual and visual content. By viewing, listening, playing or contributing such content, I agree to uphold the Verbol site rules  (click for details) and I grant the following licences to my contributions including my recorded voice and video.

        Creative Commons License for media,
        Creative Commons License for text.

Let's get started: use the buttons depicted below when viewing a verbol conversation.

To play the

To record in the Conversation

Copyright ©1996-2018 Family Systems Ltd and copyright holders of contributed content. Verbol is a registered trademark and hypertime, telephathy and unrupt are trademarks of Family Systems which also holds these patents and licenses,

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More on verbol voice - a better way of conversing


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